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Sick Interactive
San Diego, CA
Recently Founded Sick Interactive, a mobile game startup company that develops, markets, and publishes mobile gaming software.

Ask me about our first release, Coming Soon!

Cave Dash is a 2 dimensional Free to Play, infinite side scrolling adventure on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. Silex, a Bestia creature, climbs his way through a lush and magical filled multi-directional cave system, collecting coins and avoiding pits on his way. Avoid these pits, as the Mallum creatures will drill out and drain all your powers! Hover over the Magical June bug to fill up the Bug Juice Bar to generate points and listen to awesome tunes! The player can retrieve Magical Enchantment Scrolls. But, beware, they can be risky after +5. The higher you enchant, the faster your Bug Juice Bar will generate. The player can retrieve bug coins throughout the game in order to unlock Safe Enchant features, which gives the player free Safe Enchantments.

-Optimized for iPhone 6
-In-App purchases
--Characters are available for purchase along with their own personalized sound effects.
--Remove ads functionality
-Game Center (Leaderboards: Top Score / Top Enchant)
-Share a screenshot to most social media platforms
-Uses top notch graphics API's that gives the ability to run dynamic real-time lights and high resolution images.
-Advanced image effects, such as blooming
-Optimized with High Dynamic Range Rendering (better looking lighting effects)
-iCloud syncing between devices (Bug coin and all scores)
-Multi-direction generated cave system. You probably will never go the same exact route every time.
-Simple and adaptive controls
-Physically immersive technology such as vibrations

I'll be handing out free awesome tee-shirts to whoever would like to play Cave Dash. It isn't released yet, so you will be the first to play! I'll be walking around with a "Sick Interactive" black tee shirt, and a backpack.

Keep a lookout!