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Sagan Yee

Hand Eye Society
Sagan Yee is the executive director of the Hand Eye Society in Toronto, a non-profit organization dedicated to exploring videogames as an art form and means of creative expression. She has spoken about inclusivity, community-building and game-making in Toronto, Montreal, Austin, San Francisco, New York, Detroit and Johannesburg, while continuing to oversee initiatives promoting digital media outreach and literacy. Her personal practice includes classical animation, experimental screen-based digital games, and alternative controller collaborations.
Sagan Yee is a Toronto-based freelance animator and occasional indie game perpetrator. Her work experience includes TV animation and storyboarding, experimental video game development, illustration, motion graphics and even machinima. She has participated in numerous panel discussions on animation and games, collaborated on several bizarre interactive projects (one of which ended with the cops showing up), and organized workshops promoting digital media outreach and literacy. Currently Sagan is Executive Director of the Hand Eye Society in Toronto.